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Chinese FM calls for cooperation instead of decoupling in China-U.S. ties

Starting "diplomatic war" exposes U.S. lack of confidence: Chinese FMEU urged to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs, applying double standards(2020-08-14 14:59:15)

Interview: Chinas willingness to dialogue with U.S. laudable, says Ecuadors FM

China welcomes all foreign businesses: spokespersonChina welcomes all foreign businesses: spokesperson...(2020-08-14 14:59:15)

Xi expresses condolences over passing of former CPVCC general secretary

China-U.S. relations at "very critical moment": Chinese ambassadorXi congratulates Lukashenko on re-election as Belarusian president(2020-08-14 14:59:15)

China rejects any attempt to create so-called "new Cold War": FM

Chinese premier congratulates Sri Lankas new PM on taking officeSouth China Sea should not be wrestling ground for international politics: Chinese FM...(2020-08-14 14:59:15)

U.S. efforts to create "New Cold War" trap to contain China will not succeed, says official

Unilateralism, bullying pose real challenge to intl order: Chinese FMXinhua Headlines: China to make cool-headed, sensible response to U.S. impulsive moves, anxiety: FM...(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • U.S. should give Chinese companies level playing field: Chinese ambassador(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • U.S.-China cooperation essential to global welfare, say Colombian observers(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • China securities regulator stresses dialogue with U.S. for achieving win-win results(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • Experts say cooperation only right choice for U.S., China(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • Gross interference in Hong Kong affairs undermines "one country, two systems": Chinese FM(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • Unilateralism, bullying pose real challenge to intl order: Chinese FM(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • Commentary: Sanctioning U.S. individuals a just move to safeguard Chinas interests(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • China suspends HKs SFO agreement with Germany, shelves one with France(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • China eyes more opportunities for foreign companies: spokesperson(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • China hands over 1,000 ventilators to Pakistan to fight COVID-19(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • Experts view China-U.S. ties back onto track of cooperation in common interests for all(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
  • S. Korea to lift restrictions on arrivals from Chinas Hubei province(2020-08-14 14:59:15)
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