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  • >China opposes U.S-Taiwan official interactions under any pretext: FM

    2020-08-14 16:24:37

    Such disciplined and comprehensive approach stems from a system of governance designed to serve the long-term and fundamental interests of the people, rather than one that is exploited by a few politicians in some western countries for shortsighted goals and their own interests.

  • >Northeast Chinese city resumes flight to ROK

    2020-08-14 16:24:37

    >Zhao stressed that the HKSAR governments decision to postpone the elections in the face of the raging pandemic is a justified and necessary step to ensure peoples safety and health, as well as a safe, fair and just election.

  • >Chinese FM speaks of need for clear-cut framework for China-U.S. relations

    2020-08-14 16:24:37

    >HEFEI, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- A total of 238 construction personnel from China Energy Engineering Group have returned to Turkey to resume construction of the Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant in the countrys southern province of Adana, sources with the company said Monday.

  • >Interview: Chinas willingness to dialogue with U.S. laudable, says Ecuadors FM

    2020-08-14 16:24:37

    >Pressured by the deadline to leave, I asked my colleagues to help me buy hard-to-get plane tickets as many carriers cut flights amid the raging pandemic. From my friends I also managed to get a few N95 face masks, which were no longer accessible in the market.


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