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  • >Commentary: Pompeos dirty tricks against China a shame

    2020-08-14 17:27:05

    "It is neither necessary nor possible for the two sides to change each other. Instead, we should respect the choice independently made by the people of the other side," he said.

  • >China donates 130 ventilators to help Philippines battle COVID-19

    2020-08-14 17:27:05

    >Practice is the sole criterion of truth, Wang said. "Does Chinas system work for the country? The Chinese people know better than anyone else."

  • >China-U.S. relations at "very critical moment": Chinese ambassador

    2020-08-14 17:27:05

    >"We do have disputes, like the border disputes with India, and some territorial disputes in the South China Sea," he said, adding that "but on the whole, all the countries in our region want to develop mutually beneficial relations. I dont think any one of them wants to see any escalation of tension. This is also the reality."

  • >Unilateralism, bullying pose real challenge to intl order: Chinese FM

    2020-08-14 17:27:05

    >"Today we are in the 21st century. Why should we allow history to repeat? Why should we repeat what happened in the last century when we are faced with so many new challenges, global challenges? I dont think a new cold war would serve anybodys interests or will give us any solution to the problem," Cui said, responding to a question on the recent speech on China by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Nixon Library.


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